How To Renovate Your Kitchen This Summer

With summer looming, now is the time to turn your attention towards improving your kitchen if you have ambitions of making the room the heart of the home in time for the weather (hopefully) hotting up.

Kitchen Extension Layout

The way we use our kitchens has evolved. No longer just a place for cooking and enjoying our evening meals, we nowadays also retreat to the kitchen for breakfast, lunch and for lounging purposes. Any renovations you make should therefore account for the now multi-purpose nature of the modern-day kitchen.

It doesn’t require a big pot of money to do it, nor should it need to cause serious upheaval to your home life, as our simple renovation ideas attest…

Put up a pot rack

Do you love cooking for friends and family? If so, your pots and pans will be used a lot over the coming months. Rather than hide them away from view, have them on full display on a pot rack. This will parade your fondness for preparing food, provide you with easy accessibility to them, catch the eye and free up space in your cupboards.

Add a kitchen island

Carrying on from the last point, when you’re short of space, installing a kitchen island with built-in drawers and cabinets is a clever solution to the problem. This kitchen island could double-up as an eating space if you’re a fan of informal dining. Put plenty of thought into the design of the island should you want it to be a focal point of the room.

Make a splash

Most kitchen splashbacks are added to the wall behind a cooker to prevent that wall from being splashed. But, a splashback will do more than just keep your wall splash-free. It is a decorative feature that will modernise and brighten up the space, and once again, create a focal point. Largely made from glass, stainless steel or granite, splashbacks come in a plethora of different styles.

Upgrade your appliances

The average kitchen is filled with various visible appliances, including cooker, fridge, toaster etc. Exchange any old appliances for modern appliances in a colour that complements your intended colour scheme. Investing in new appliances is also likely to save you money in the long-term as they’ll offer greater energy efficiency.


If you would prefer to start from scratch and have a completely new fitted kitchen integrated indoors, get in touch with Bon Accord Kitchens to discuss your requirements.



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