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Kitchen Storage

When choosing a new fitted kitchen, optimising storage space is a top priority.

Choosing the right storage for your new kitchen...

A well-planned kitchen should not only be visually appealing but also highly functional and efficient. Fortunately, there is an array of storage solutions available that can transform your kitchen into a clutter-free haven. See some of the most popular kitchen storage options that can enhance organisation and make your cooking experience a breeze.

Storage is a must have in your new kitchen…

Our range offers much more than just a range of highly desirable and iconic kitchen storage options. It is a lifestyle choice, committed to giving you the best kitchen storage options for you and your lifestyle.

Cabinets & Drawers

Cabinets and drawers serve as the backbone of kitchen storage, providing ample space for storing pots, pans, dishes, and other essentials. Modern kitchen designs offer a range of options such as deep drawers, pull-out shelves, and corner cabinets with carousel systems. Utilising full-extension glides and soft-close mechanisms ensures ease of access and smooth operation. Consider adjustable shelves to accommodate varying sizes of items and maximise storage capacity.

Kitchen Pantry

A kitchen pantry is a versatile storage solution that can significantly increase your kitchen’s functionality. Whether you have a large walk-in pantry or a compact cabinet-style pantry, it provides dedicated space for storing dry goods, canned items, and smaller appliances. Customise it with adjustable shelves, spice racks, and pull-out baskets to maximise organisation and accessibility.

Pull-Out Storage Systems

Pull-out storage systems are a game-changer for maximising space utilisation in the kitchen. These innovative solutions include pull-out pantry shelves, spice racks, and bottle holders that can be discreetly integrated into your cabinets. They ensure easy access to items, even in hard-to-reach corners, and prevent items from getting lost at the back of the cupboard.

Kitchen Island Storage

If you have the luxury of choosing a kitchen island, make the most of it by incorporating storage features. Install deep drawers or cabinets on one or both sides of the island, allowing you to store larger items, such as mixing bowls, baking sheets, or small appliances. Consider adding a wine rack or open shelves for displaying cookbooks or decorative items.

Drawer Organisers & Dividers

Drawer organisers and dividers are essential for maintaining order within your kitchen drawers. They help separate cutlery, utensils, and small gadgets, ensuring everything has its designated place. Choose adjustable dividers to accommodate varying sizes of items and adapt to your changing storage needs.

Hanging Storage Solutions

Utilise wall and ceiling space by incorporating hanging storage solutions. Install a pot rack above the cooking area to keep your pots and pans within reach while adding a touch of visual interest. Magnetic knife strips or hooks can be mounted on the wall for easy access to utensils or oven mitts.

Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets can be challenging to access and utilise effectively. However, there are specialised corner storage solutions available, such as rotating carousels or pull-out shelves, that optimise these spaces. These mechanisms allow for easy access to all items stored within the corner cabinet, making the most of what might otherwise be wasted space.

Browse our luxury kitchen designs

Our luxury fitted kitchens have been carefully crafted for every lifestyle and are designed to create a luxurious, bespoke look without the price tag.

Kitchen storage

We offer a huge range of clever internal storage solutions so that your new kitchen works harder for you, by being well organised and easy to access. With a little thought and planning, this can be easily achieved. So why not talk to your kitchen designer about incorporating clever storage solutions into your new kitchen. Browse through a small selction of our kitchen storage cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen Cocktail Cabinet

It’s the definitive drinks cabinet, with a mirrored back panel, wine rack, glass shelves and internal drawers, that screams glamour and occasion. No kitchen should be without the Connery, that’s why it’s regarded as such a timeless classic.

Widths 500mm | 600mm | 800mm | 900mm | 1000mm

Heights 1970mm

Kitchen Pantry

You can never have enough kitchen storage and the Hathaway kitchen pantry will give you plenty of it, personalised to your specifications. It will be as dependable as one of your best friends.

Widths 400mm | 500mm | 600mm | 800mm | 1000mm | 1200mm

Heights 1970mm

Kitchen Corner Pantry

A corner pantry cabinet, the Lanbury is a clever twist on a traditional, classic pantry and will help you maximise the space in your kitchen.

Widths 1032mm x 1032mm

Heights 1970mm | 2150mm

Kitchen Pull Out Larder

The MagnaSpace pull-out storage unit is tough, adaptable, and versatile and can be supplied in a wide choice of heights and widths. It will suit the busiest of kitchen spaces and lifestyles and is a more affordable alternative to the many high-cost, unfashionable and unstable wirework pull-outs around.

Widths 150mm | 300mm | 400mm | 500mm | 600mm

Heights 720mm | 1250mm | 1825mm | 1970mm | 2150mm

Kitchen Larder

Gain easy access and sufficient storage space for provisions with the SPACETOWER larder. Tailor the larder according to your buying and cooking requirements so that your everyday kitchen use is made simple.

Widths 300mm | 400mm | 500mm | 600mm | 800mm | 900mm | 1000mm

Heights 1970mm

Extra Wide Kitchen Cabinets

When we say they’re wide, we’re not kidding! Available up to 2 metres wide, these wall cabinets will give you a quintessential modern kitchen design, with their Linea base and lift-up cabinets.

Widths 1200mm | 1600mm | 1800mm | 2000mm

Deep & Wide Kitchen Drawers

Our LineaPlus drawers will maximise the storage potential of your kitchen. If you request them at 650mm deep, you will get 30% extra storage space than a standard cupboard.

Widths 1200mm | 1600mm | 1800mm | 2000mm

Integrated Kitchen Bin

A VelaBin will help you easily dispose of any kitchen waste and has a carbon filter lid to prevent any unpleasant odour from escaping. Available in various sizes and colours, it dispels the notion that all kitchen bins are boring.

Widths 400mm | 500mm | 600mm | 700mm | 800mm

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