What Kitchen Décor Trends Will Be Cooking In 2020?

Kitchens are no longer just a place for mealtimes – those days are long gone. In many households, kitchens are the heart of the home, the area where families spend most of their time catching up together and making happy, lasting memories.

If your kitchen has also overtaken your living or dining room as your favoured spot in the house, it should look the part and have a modern styling. Does it feel flat and outdated right now?

To find the right recipe for a killer-looking kitchen requires you knowing and implementing the biggest kitchen trends of the moment. With a bit of research, Bon Accord Kitchens is able to serve you up 3 of the top expected kitchen trends for 2020:

‘Tranquil Dawn’ and ‘Classic Blue’ will be popular colour choices

Refreshing your existing kitchen might be as simple as changing its current colour scheme. If so, we suggest using either ‘Tranquil Dawn’ or ‘Classic Blue’, the respective Colours of the Year of Dulux and Pantone.

‘Classic Blue’ is much bolder and resembles the evening sky. Some suggest using it at the base of a kitchen counter to balance against wood floors and white walls or combine it with pale or marble worktops.


The message is obviously getting through to people that we need to make a conscious effort to think of the environment when remodelling our kitchens as searches for sustainable materials are growing.

There are kitchen worktops out there you can buy made from recycled paper and yoghurt pots to bamboo and cork flooring.

Upcycling will also help the planet. It could see you updating your cabinet doors by giving them a fresh coat of paint and replacing the hardware on them with any suitable handles and hinges you have gathering dust somewhere.

Concealed kitchens

Our kitchens are already full of appliances – kettle, microwave, toaster, coffee maker. As they get smarter, there will be even more appliances cluttering up our kitchen spaces and taking up valuable space on work and countertops.

It’s becoming fashionable to hide them from view with concealed storage solutions to give kitchens a streamlined finish and ensure they don’t damage kitchen styling.

Even the smallest kitchen appliances can be kept out of sight thanks to the most discreet hidden stations.

You may conclude that it will be easier just to invest in a brand-new kitchen. Bon Accord Kitchens has a wide selection of replacement kitchens to take the place of your existing design. Some of them are showcased in our Living Spaces brochure.

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