The Summer Kitchen Trends You Need To Know About

There is time yet for the weather to change, but this summer has been a bit of a damp squib so far, denying you as many opportunities as you would like to bring out the barbecue and dine outside.

Open Plan Kitchen Extension Layout

Most of your cooking this summer will have had to take place in your kitchen, but that can never be viewed as a bad thing if you have a fashionable kitchen in which you can serve up some succulent summer dishes.

If you own a kitchen that’s somewhat behind the times and it’s hampering your enjoyment of cooking, you should approach Bon Accord Kitchens as we supply brand new kitchens in a host of styles, and have been doing so for many years.

With our experience, you couldn’t ask for a more qualified kitchen specialist to give your existing kitchen a shake-up. We’re also well-placed to inform you of what the biggest summer kitchen trends are in 2019…

Inventive storage solutions

The problem with some old kitchen cabinetry and shelving isn’t just that it occupies a lot of space itself due to how it’s built and organised, but it also rarely offers sufficient storage space for all those kitchen accoutrements.

To maximise every inch of kitchen space in the modern kitchen, storage solutions for kitchens are becoming more inventive.

You can have a magnetic rack on your wall for storing knives, or plate and pot racks to display kitchenware and keep it out of the way. A kitchen island could also double up as a place for casual seating and a storage point, and how about wheeling in a kitchen trolley to give you a table top and various storage units.

Kitchens are getting smarter

Technology has made all of our lives easier in many respects, and now it’s helping to make cooking a whole lot simpler.

You can buy fridges that when you have a Wi-Fi connection enable you to access recipes, make notes, schedule appointments, and connect with other smart devices via a touch screen display and / or an app on your smartphone.

There are also smart ovens and smart slow cookers that you can fire up using your finger on your mobile when away from the house so that your dinner is cooked for when you arrive home.

Statement oven hoods

A striking splashback makes for a strong focal point in any kitchen, but there’s a new trend in town with a similar aim of catching the eye. We’re talking about a statement oven hood.

Standard oven hoods are pretty big and to project them even more, kitchen designers are creating beautifully designed statement oven hoods that are really in your face and can’t possibly go unnoticed.


To find out what else is causing a stir in kitchen design this summer, come to our Aberdeen showroom and have a chat with one of our consultants – they all have their fingers on the pulse.

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