Why An Open-Plan Kitchen Is A Benefit For Any Scottish Family

Kitchens have completely evolved in recent years. Walking into a modern-day kitchen is very much like entering into a different world as they’re far more multi-purpose than they once were and many of them have an open-plan setup.  

Open Plan Kitchen Extension Layout

The era of kitchens being exclusively used for cooking, food preparation and eating has long since passed.

You now find families up and down Scotland, and across the globe, also using their kitchens for talking, watching TV and relaxing together, a role previously fulfilled by the traditional living area.

Does a contemporary kitchen lifestyle like this appeal to you?

If it does, it’s time that you went for an open-plan kitchen too as it expertly caters for this sort of kitchen living.

Less separation

Because there are fewer barriers in an open-plan layout, conversation between you and your kitchen guests can flow more freely as everyone can assemble in one place.  

You will be able to get your head down and prepare those evening meals without having to exit the space to keep those tête-à-têtes going.

If you want to make greater use of your garden and open up the space even more, you could fit a patio, French or bi-folding door into the wall that divides your kitchen from the outdoors.

More than just a kitchen

Open-plan kitchens aren’t just made for cooking. They can also identify as dining and living areas, giving you three rooms all rolled into one, rather than three isolated rooms.

This simplifies the serving up of dishes at mealtimes, and open-plan kitchens are extremely roomy spaces too, tending to feel a lot lighter and airier than your conventional kitchens. 


It’s a tiring job keeping an eye on any young children in your family, particularly if it means that you’re constantly needing to flit between your kitchen and elsewhere in the house to watch them.

They will have plenty to keep them occupied in an open-plan kitchen, with the bonus of you being able to monitor their movements more easily, without it leaving you completely exhausted.


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