You won’t be able to keep yourself out of the kitchen if you’re an avid cook and you have the complete kitchen space.

Eating out and ordering takeaways have become things of the past in this household now that we have built a brand new kitchen area that includes every possible gadget and gizmo a foodie lover could want. Massively imposing and impressive from the outside, a similar level of detail has been employed on the inside where the kitchen is equipped with amongst many other things, multiple up-to-the-minute appliances, a central unit housing several drawers and cabinets and an ultra-modern breakfast bar. At every single turn there’s the very latest kitchen technology to hand.

Fitted Kitchen & Extension with Patio Doors

Away from the heart of the kitchen, there’s a lovely little walkway leading to a partially obscured seating / reception area where guests invited for dinner can mingle ahead of taking to the grand dining room. Patio doors have been positioned in three different parts of the single-storey kitchen extension to enable the occupants to take full advantage of their outdoor space and settle into the garden furniture placed on the authentic decking. The weather would have to be extremely favourable though to entice anyone away from that kitchen. When the sun hits the kitchen-diner it invigorates the space and makes regular cooking anything but a chore.

Fitted Kitchen & Extension with Patio Doors

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